How It Works

How It Works

Tablets Pharmacy makes your life easier and helps you and your family maintain your health even better. 

In just four easy steps, you’re on your way to medication convenience, safety and quality.

Step One

Register with us by phone or online.

Step Two

We’ll transfer your prescriptions to Tablets Pharmacy

Step Three

We’ll put together your medications in easy-to-use punchcards or individual dose packets that are clearly marked with dosing day, date and time of day.

Step Four

Your medications are delivered to your door, free of charge, within 24 hours of ordering.

It’s that simple!

Your medication cards or packets contain all your medications, vitamins and over-the-counter drugs you’ll need to maintain and improve your health.

We’ll give you a pocket-sized medication list so you’ll have an easy way to inform healthcare providers of everything you take.

Tablets Pharmacy goes above and beyond for you, contacting your health care providers to renew prescriptions and authorize refills before you run out, eliminating interruptions in your medication schedule. We’ll use our MedSync program to adjust medication amounts and prescription start days so all medications will refill on the same day each month.

Because we’re a local family-owned pharmacy, you’ll get to know our pharmacists and assistants who will know you and your medical and prescription needs. When you call our pharmacy, you’ll be speaking with someone who is invested in helping you stay healthy and well.

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