Why EHR is a Great Idea for Your Facility

March 11, 2021by custmedrx

When one of your residents has a sudden unexpected health crisis, having complete information could make all the difference for a successful outcome. It’s vital to know the medications and supplements they received in the last 24 -48 hours, any special needs and their medical and health history immediately.

Electronic health records (EHR) help you and your staff keep this information and more at your fingertips, providing complete details to emergency personnel and physicians. If your facility isn’t yet using EHR, also known as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Tablets Pharmacy is here to explain what they are and why they can be an enormous help to both patient care and cost savings.

What is EHR/EMR?
EHR/EMR are digital versions of former paper medical charts used in hospitals, clinics and provider offices. EHR contains your residents’ health histories, including notes of exams, diagnoses, procedures, surgeries, treatments, medications and more. Nearly 90% of medical offices and physicians now use EHR.

Why is EHR/EMR better for staff and health care providers?
Health care providers prefer EHR because it’s easier and quicker to access and track health data for a given patient, including everything from regular blood pressure checks to surgical history. EHR can also be used to identify the need for screenings. Transitioning to EHR improves the quality of care in CILAs and assisted living facilities:
• Saves search time by centralizing information
• Efficient note entry saves providers and caregivers time
• Accurate, more comprehensive and complete records saves costs and provide safer care
• Improves communication with caregivers and other health care providers

Why is EHR/EMR better for residents?
When all health care providers and caregivers have access to accurate and thorough information, your residents quality of care improves. It’s easier for legally designated family representatives to access EHR when needed. Digital records are secure and in full compliance with HIPAA.

Is EHR/EMR required by law?
Legal requirements for EHR/EMR can be confusing. Medicare and Medicaid incentivizes EHR/EMR as does the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic & Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. HITECH requires a demonstration of “meaningful use”. The Illinois Health Information Exchange serves as an EMR exchange to improve patient care and safety, eliminate duplication of medical tests and reduce costs.

How does my facility get started converting records to EHR/EMR?
With Tablets Pharmacy, getting started is simple. Just give us a call at 708-272-1212 or email us at [email protected]. We’ll explain how Tablets can help get your present documents converted, help train you and your staff to keep EHR/EMR updated and accurate, and detail how to get the most robust use of EHR/EMR while reducing your facility’s costs.

Give us a call today – we are happy to help!